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City Springs
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City Springs

City Springs

Florence Water Tower
Located at the intersection of U.S. 50 and 77 Highways, our water tower has been a widely-recognized landmark for Florence for many years.

When visiting with people who have traveled the highways through Kansas, they most always readily recall the
water tower and the "99.96% Pure Spring Water."

Estimated to stand 110' tall and to hold approximately 85,000 gallons, the water tower was built in 1887 by C. O. Johnson, a stone contractor, and water lines were laid in Florence. A large well was dug on the east side of the Cottonwood River. The site of the well would have been at about the end of 7th Street. It was really a large cistern about 20' across and had a roof over it. Water seeped from the river into the well, where it was allowed to settle. A stone pumphouse was located nearby, and by steam power the water was pumped out of the well (or cistern) to the water tower, the same one in use today. There was no sewage system in 1887, and with the growth of Florence as the years went by, some steps had to be taken to obtain water free from drainage into the river. This led to the arrangement made to have water brought into the water tower from what we now call the
"City Springs."

City Springs Water Plant
Water Plant on side of hill with stepsWater on side of building emptying into springs
Tree growing on rock ledge

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