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Water and Sewer Service | Trash Service


Water and Sewer Service

The City of Florence provides water and sewer services to all residents. The monthly charges are as follows:


$18.00 for the first 2,000 gallons.
$5.00 for every 1,000 gallons over the intitial 2,000.


Gallons of water Rate
0 - 9,999 $ 8.25
10,000 - 19,000 $15.00
20,000 - 49,000 $35.00
50,000 - 74,999 $48.00
75,000 - 99,999 $60.00
100,000 and over .0006 per gallon

Payments are due no later than the 15th of every month. Payments may be made with cash, check or money order. Payments may be sent to:

City of Florence
511 Main Street
Florence, KS 66851

You may also make your payments in person, or if after hours, use the drop boxc located beside the door to City Hall.

If you are sending in your payment or leaving it in the drop box, please DO NOT leave cash.

To sign up for City of Florence Water and Sewer Service, please stop in at the Florence City Hall. A deposit of $100.00 will be required.

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Trash Service

The City of Florence provides trash service to residents of Florence and surrounding rural areas.

Except as noted, trash is picked up on the following schedule:

Florence: Monday
Burns: Tuesday
County Lake: Wednesday
Cedar Point: Wednesday

In addition, the City of Florence Trash Service provides two cleanup times during the year in which appliances, metals, etc will be picked up. The City of Florence will not pick up any appliances that contain freon or any hazardous materials. Appliances containing freon must have the freon removed by a certified freon collection agent and the appliance disposed of by the customer.

The Marion County Transfer Station will accept appliances that have had the freon removed by a certified freon collection agent. It is the customer's responsibility to deliver it to the transfer station. On Cleanup days, a Marion County Hazardous Waste Collection Station will be available from 8:00am - 12:00pm at the City of Florence Maintenance Shop to receive hazardous materials.

What Can Be Placed Out For Trash Pickup?

For normal weekly trash service, the following items are not permitted and will not be picked up:

Heavy Metals
Hazardous Materials
Non-Food/Beverage Liquids
Pressurized Containers

Hazardous materials include such items as flammables, aerosol cans, combustible materials, paints, oils, etc. If you are not sure if an item is considered a hazardous material or not, please call the Florence City Offices at 620-878-4296.

Tires will be picked up for an additional charge which will be added to your trash service bill.

Passenger Vehicles Semi-Tractors Farm Tractors
$2.00 per tire $6.00 per tire $12.00 per tire

Construction and Demolition materials will be picked up for an additional charge of $20.00 per yard (half a dumpster) or $40.00 per two yards (full dumpster), plus the cost of a weight ticket, and mileage if any.

Construction and Demolition materials include items such as drywall, lumber, roofing materials, insulation, concrete, bricks, etc. If you are not sure if an item will be considered construction and demolition materials, please call the city offices at 620-878-4296.

Dumpsters containing both construction and demolition materials and normal municipal waste will have the entire contents charged as construction and demolition materials.

To verify the weight of construction and demolition materials, a vehicle weight will be taken before and after the pickup. A copy of this weight ticket will be left in the Florence City Offices no later than the morning of the next business day. The extra charges will be added to your trash service bill.

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